Cleopatra Plus Free slot and review

Cleopatra Plus is a 5 reel, 40 payline high stakes slot game powered by IGT. This slot brings you back to the golden age of the Egyptian empire; a life filled with jewelry, luxury, and nobility.

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Cleopatra Plus beauty Slot Full Review

The game symbols are ancient Egyptians gods, goddesses, artifacts:

  • Isis – goddess of health, marriage, and wisdom
  • Bastet – goddess of cats, dance, family, joy, protection, and music
  • Hathor – goddess of dance, love, beauty, joy, motherhood, foreign lands, mining, music, fertility, and sky
  • Amun – king of the gods and god of the wind
  • Anubis – god of cemeteries and embalming
  • Ra – god of the sun

The Cleopatra Plus logo is the highest value symbol in the game and is wild. If your spin results in all five on a payline, you win 1500x your original wager!

The game allows you to pick your lucky Egyptian deity symbol. If Aset, Bastet, or Hathor is chosen, the symbol is spread out on every reel for more frequent wins. If Amun, Ra, or Anubis is chosen, the symbol is stacked on every reel for a chance at bigger wins.

The focus of Cleopatra Plus is the Free Spin Bonus – an unlockable feature where you earn five free spins and a 1x multiplier. After this feature, a map appears as an additional bonus where a player can receive thirty additional free spins, a 1-5x multiplier, a final spin 50x multiplier, or up to 10 Super Spins (unlockable after certain levels are reached).

There is also a Stacked 2x Wilds feature; 2 wilds on a payline doubles the payout.

The Cleopatra Free Spins Bonus feature is unlocked when 3 or more bonus scatter symbols appear on the spin result. A map appears with selectable locations. A player can choose exciting regions such as Alexandria, Nile River Valley, or the Pyramid of Giza. Like other IGT games (Wheel of Fortune On Tour and Nordic Heroes), Cleopatra Plus utilizes a level-up feature. This feature unlocks more content, bonuses, and payouts the longer you play. Therefore, some regions on the map are only available after a certain level is reached. All maps have the same payout except Pyramids of Giza (unlockable when level 7 is reached).

The feature begins with 5 free spins and a 1x multiplier. Also, you will receive a number of “followers” – determined by the number of bonus symbols on the spin result which triggered the bonus (between 3 and 7). On the bonus map, you can place followers in any location. Once selected and placed, the location reveals its bonus – up to 30 free spins, a 1-5x multiplier, a cash payout (up to 30x the original wager), or a final free spin multiplier (up to 50x), or up to 10 Super Spins. The revealed bonus depends on your current level in the game. A higher level tends to reveal higher paying and more attractive bonuses.

Another nice feature of Cleopatra Plus (and other IGT slots) is the game retains your progress/level. You can leave and re-enter the game at your discretion without having to start over.

Cleopatra Plus has a minimum bet size of 40 pence. Cleopatra Plus is available on desktop, tablet, and mobile devices.

Cleopatra Plus may seem complicated at first. It is important to focus on unlocking and maximizing the bonus feature of the game. The bonus feature has high variance – it is difficult to trigger but results in HUGE payouts. The game has a learning curve and is recommended for slot enthusiasts and experts. Luckily for beginners, the slot is available to free play at – giving anyone the chance to experience all of the exciting, selectable bonuses in the game before playing with real money.