Biggest jackpot winners on online casinos

Many people bet a lot of money on just the mere chance of winning an online casino jackpot. And, a few of it even win it by luck or carelessness. Some paydays are so huge that they can change the whole life of the winner, thus turning regular people into millionaires within a few hours.

Some of the highest jackpot winners on online casinos are ordinary people who have won just by sheer luck. Luck can surprise anyone, though higher payouts originate from larger bets. In this article, you’ll get to know about the biggest online casino jackpot wins.

Mega Fortune – 20th January 2013

One of the biggest jackpot wins on online casinos came from Mega Fortune, the slot with a lavish theme. The winner hailed from Finland. The anonymous player won the jackpot worth €17,860,868 in the afternoon while spinning the reels. The player won it by chance in the same way as we dream. After all, who wouldn’t want to win so much money? So, keep gambling as you never know when you can win the jackpot.

Mega Moolah – 5th November 2016

Marcus won $11,633,898.44 on a Saturday at Yako Casino while playing Mega Moolah, the famous progressive slot game. The new multi-millionaire couldn’t believe that he has won the jackpot. When asked, Marcus said that he was elated with his win. He added that he plans to buy a big house and vacation cottage with his winnings, along with taking his whole family on a first-class expedition to Africa and give them nice Christmas presents.

This is one of the biggest jackpot winners on an online casino. Yako Casino congratulated the winner for his record-breaking win. This shows that Yako Casino has the games and jackpots that can result in incredible wins for players. Moreover, Marcus was the first Millionaire of Yako Casino.

Mega Moolah – 7th June 2016

One of the other jackpot winners on Mega Moolah was Rawiri Pou, a native of New Zealand. The player won a jackpot of NZ $10,144,395.82 (around $7.4 million) while playing this progressive slot machine game at Casinoland. The winner said that she was in a shock when she won and didn’t even believe it at first. She said she could do a lot of things with the winning amount and it came at a perfect time.

Mega Moolah – 6th October 2015

It seems like the list of Mega Moolah jackpot winners doesn’t end anywhere near. Jonathan Heywood is another jackpot winner of Mega Moolah. This multi-million-pound winner, a British soldier, won £13,212,882 when spinning the reels late at night.

He played with a small budget with every spin of 0.25p. He said that he’ll first see that his father gets a proper lung transplant with his money. For him, family comes first and he could even give all the money back for his father to be healthy. He added that he couldn’t believe that he has won the jackpot.

The Guinness World Records say that the largest winning on an online slot machine game is £13,209,300 at present, won by Jon Heywood, a British player. He won this online casino jackpot at Betway Casino on Mega Moolah, the 25-payline and 5-reel slot game offered by Microgaming.

Mega Moolah – 25th April 2017

The biggest jackpot winner on a mobile casino was from Europe. The previous win of 6.6 million euros was just 2 months old. This anonymous winner won with a bet of just €6.25. As per the records of last winners, the previous 6 jackpot wins were from a mobile phone, which indicated that more people love to play casino games on a mobile device.

Thus, these are some of the biggest jackpot winners on online casinos. Amongst others, Mega Moolah is the highest paying slot machine game owing to its huge payouts and so many jackpot winners over the years. Players can win millions in this game and there’s no cap to its future progressive jackpot.

The life of many lucky players all over the world has been changed by this multi-billion online casino industry. According to statistics, the huge progressive jackpots on online casinos are won as frequently as lottery jackpots, which is $0.40 for every $5 bet on an average.

So, play a famous online casino slot game like Mega Moolah and see if luck is on your side. Play smartly and carefully; you never know you could be one of the biggest online casino jackpot winners in the future since a winning streak mostly happens surprisingly in a Mega Big Wins series. Just make sure that you practice responsible gaming and play the right games to augment your winnings and diminish your losses.

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