High Limit Slots Online 2019

If you are looking to play high limit slots online, you need to consider two things:high-limit-slots-online

  1. First, you need to choose an online casino for real money which offers a variety of slot machines (three reels, five reels, progressives, highroller , etc…) and table games (blackjack, roulette, craps, etc…).
  2. Second, the chosen online casino must be trustworthy, easy-to-use, and reputable. Additionally, the online casino must offer 24/7 customer support, a VIP or bonus program, and a variety of deposit/withdrawal methods.

We have developed a unique rating system which critiques online casinos using the above factors. This system was developed by both industry professionals and experienced gamblers – saving you time and money when selecting an new casino UK. Our experts have compiled a list of the best, fully-featured casino sites for you to choose from.

Play elite high roller slot machines online for real money

Playing in a trusted online casino is important. A trusted online casino is licensed, offers fast deposit/withdrawal, and has a history of fair play. The last thing you want is having thousands of dollars held up in an online casino indefinitely – a nerve-wracking situation.

Below you can find a list of casinos offering elite high limit slot machines for $100 a spin or higher. Once you chose a casino, you can test all of the slot machines for free. After you have found your favorite slot/casino – register an account, deposit funds, and play slots for real money!

List of best high roller casinos

100% bonus on the first deposit
Welcoming package for $1600
100% Welcome bonus up to £200
100% up to €50 + 50 free spins

When you wager high amounts, your comps, perks, and bonuses can accumulate quickly. Because of this, it is important to choose a casino which rewards their VIP and highroller players well. Taking care of VIP and high limit customers is the up-most importance for any casino (and is often times an art). Many exclusive casinos offer free bets, special cashback programs, gifts, or even luxurious vacations. Therefore, you should choose a casino which offers their VIP and high limit slots players with the benefits.

To read a review and reviews of a casino, just click on the “casino reviews” button.

Discover free high limit slots

There are no parameters which define a “what is high limit slots” or “how much are high limit slots” . For some, a $20 spin is a large wager. For others, a $250 spin is quite small. Most online casinos consider a $5 spin and up a high stakes slot machines although traditional casinos consider the high limit designation for spins $25 and higher.

But that’s not all! Check out our full list of elite high roller slots. Click on the button below and you will be taken to our special free online slots section. Enjoy a free game 24 hours a day!

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The biggest high limit slots winners

If you play casino games often, at some points, you must have imagined “Hey, what if today is the day?”. The day bringing the moment of a big win that could change your life entirely. As it happens quite often, such great moments, arise totally unexpectedly. Here we’ll discuss about 3 of the biggest wins in the history of online slot machines.

#1 Mega Moolah – The Biggest Win

Jon Heywood is the name that is printed permanently on the Guinness World Record book for his amazing win of €17,879,645 on the October 6, 2015 at Betway Casino. This lucky fellow earned the title of the biggest online slot jackpot owner in history.

This 26 y.o. British soldier spent his money to assist his family pay hospital bills, however, he also couldn’t avoid to get himself a luxurious car with his new shiny bill. It seems that only a few jackpot winners probably resist a set of good wheels when such an opportunity to buy arises – isn’t it? Play now Mega Moolah

#2 Mega Fortune – From 25 Cents to €17 Million

Imagine a lucky win – betting 25 cents and winning €17,861,800 as a reward! Exactly this happened at Paf Casino on the Jan 20, 2013 on NetEnt Mega Fortune slot. The moment lucky Fin rewarded with this mega jackpot, he said: “This was totally unreal. I cried and laughed at the same time.”

Fin’s plans were get a better ride and help his relatives. Not to mention, Fin had always been a good poker player, however, after this big win, undoudtedly, Mega Fortune changed his mind regarding online slots.

#3 Mega Fortune – €11 Million

On the night of September 24, 2011, the Norwegian player won a staggering €11,736,375 at the very famous Mega Fortune slot by Net Entertainment. This win didn’t help with his insomnia, however, the player stayed awake till 6 AM because of the immense shock. He knew he’s going right to the Guinness World Record geats and the history of online gambling has found a new champion and the world is going to remember about him.

There it is – a list of the luckiest winners of online slots in the world. Have you ever had a great unexpected victory of your own? Do you dream of winning big to mobile casinos, the future of online gambling? If you don’t play, you won’t win. Maybe it is you who will win the huge jackpots in the features.

Why you should play high limit slots

elite high roller slotsPlaying high limit slots is exciting. The sounds after a big win and the possibility of hitting a progressive jackpot make slots a fun, entertaining activity during free time in the afternoon or evening.  So high rollers slots are better?

Whether you decide to go to a traditional or online casino, video slots are the perfect choice for both entertainment value and the potential for a big win.

However, online high limit slot machines offer many advantages over traditional slot machines including:

  • Better Odds – Because internet casinos don’t offer alcohol, food, hotel rooms, and other perks like traditional casinos, they can offer better odds and payout percentages on their slot machines and table games. The lower operating costs and the ability to make a profit on a smaller percentage of betting allows online casinos to give their customers a better and potentially more profitable experience. Even if a player isn’t lucky enough to hit a big win while playing online highlimit slots, they will still retain an average of 5% more of their money compared to a traditional casino.
  • More Options – Even some of the best and largest traditional casinos are limited to the number of slot machines and table games they can offer due to physical space on the casino floor, staff, surveillance, and ongoing maintenance costs. Online casinos do not have this problem and can offer hundreds of different casino slots. Additionally, they give you the flexibility of playing almost every slot as a penny slot or a extreme highlimit slots. You can select a 1 cent wager or a $1,000 wager – the choice is yours when you play online. Internet casinos can easily add more slot machines and table games. A server can host a variety of different games and is much cheaper to maintain than the physical space and machines in a traditional casino.
  • More Privacy – For many players, hitting a big win in a traditional casino can be exciting but also an embarrassment or concern. Many players worry that they will become a target for other players, criminals, or the government. Most traditional casinos require players to immediately report their winnings on their taxes. Perhaps the greatest benefit of an online casino is the ability to play classic slots online and table games from the comfort of your home. Also, while it is encouraged to report the full amount of your online winnings on your taxes, it is up for the player to determine the amount which he or she will report.
  • Welcome Bonus – How many landbased casinos offer a walk-in cash bonus to their players? How many traditional casinos will give you free cash to start play their slots and table games? The answer is few to none. Online casinos offer new players free spins, free bets, gift cards and/or cash bonus match their initial deposit at a certain percentage/amount. Simply put, deposit X amount and they will match it with Y amount.
  • Easier Banking – If you run out of money at a traditional casino, it can be a big hassle to get more. Most casino ATMs charge a flat fee anywhere from 3-7%. Getting a cash advance off a credit card can be even more expensive. Online casinos do not have this headache. If you go on a cold streak and lose all of your gambling bankroll, simply deposit more funds electronically and instantly get back in your favorite casino game.

Try your luck playing best high limit slots in Las Vegas

Las_vegasLas Vegas NV is a place with a lot of land based casinos. The casino complex is full of splendor, offering bars and lounges, luxury suites and jackpot party for the winners. There are live casinos in LV with low limit slots and high limit slots. In famous casinos such as Aria, Red Rock, Foxwoods,  Venetian Las Vegas, Grand Canal, Bellagio, Boyd Gaming 3d slots, video slots or jackpot slots can be played for higher stakes. Smaller slot salons offer low limit slot games. What casino game you choose is up to your gambling bankroll.

Watch high limit slots on youtube

If you want to see how exciting playing high roller slots is, you Google it typing, ’high limit slots YouTube’. You will find dozens of videos both from land based and online casinos.
Below we present a video on how one of the players won 1,500000$ playing polar high roller slot.
Remember you have to play to win. You can also join to the ranks of winners, just give yourself a chance.

Popular Questions and Answers

Below you can find a popular questions for high limit slots players:

Can I play slots online for free?

Of course! Most online casinos offer all of their slot and table games for evaluation usually in the form of a free play version.

Am I less likely to hit a jackpot on a machine that recently had someone win a jackpot?

No. A slot machine can theoretically hit a jackpot twice in a row. Slot machines operate using an RNG (Random Number Generator) meaning subsequent outcomes are not affected by previous outcomes.

Can I play slots on my mobile device?

Yes. Most online casinos offer mobile slots for iPhone, iPad, Windows Phone, and Android devices.

Is there a system or strategy to beat high limit slot games?

No. Do not fall for people offering systems or strategies to beat online slots. Online fruit machines are governed by RNGs which make them impossible to exploit. Never pay someone for a system or strategy they claim “beats” online slots because they simply do not exist.

What is maximum bet?

Generally there is no max bet while playing online slots. It may vary depending on the casino and game you choose. Elite high roller slots allow to bet up to 1000$ per line.

How do casinos pay out large winnings?

What is the best casino software?

There are many casino software providers. The most popular are: Netent, Microgaming, Igt, Playtech, Nextgen Gaming. We recommend using casino sites with softwares mentioned above.

What is the WILD symbol?

A wild symbol, much like a joker card, stands for any symbol in play. With a wild symbol, you can win with just two identical symbols. Each slot machine may have a different design for the wild symbol (if it is offered).

What is the SCATTER symbol?

A scatter symbol allows a player to win many different prizes – large credit payouts, free spins, or even a bonus spin. To win these prizes, the player must have at least three scatter symbols on the reels. No specific order or location is required. As long as the scatter symbols are visible on the screen, you win can win big prizes. A scatter symbol can also act as a multiplier, meaning your winnings from a spin can be multiplied by 2x, 3x, or even more. It is important to note wilds and cannot be substituted for scatters.